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Los Árboles Tulum is a private, gated residential
community of visionary individuals and families
who embrace a modern ideal of living in
harmony with nature.

Located ten minutes outside the tourist
destination of Tulum, Mexico, the off-the-grid
residential development has an explicit
ecological, educational, and social mission.

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House from top on the jungle

A commitment

Los Árboles Tulum limits the use of land to 5%
of individual holdings and encourages the use
of building materials and products that are non-
polluting, non-toxic, renewable, sustainable,
low-energy consuming and produced with
minimal energy and low social cost.

The utmost attention is given to causing
the smallest possible footprint.

to future generations


The non-profit organization, funded by every
person in our HOA, cooperates with several
independent projects in the area to help our
neighboring communities reach their goals
and solve locally based problems.

Los Árboles Tulum is setting a new standard
in the real estate developments sector for
social and ecological responsibility.

with the local community

Fully titled

When you acquire property, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Every lot is fully titled and backed by local and state laws, both for nationals and foreigners.


You’ll feel right at home with a security and maintenance team that will always make sure everything is in order. Safety is kept at the gate and within the property grounds.


There’s no hassle. The only sounds you’ll hear are those of nature. Because of its prime location, you won’t be immersed in the city, but rather deep in nature.


Being a lot owner means you are helping with the conservation of species. With ongoing projects and research, we make sure the Yucatán Peninsula jungle lives on.

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Where it all began

Average home stats

Septic treatment 100%
Low light pollution 99%
Renewal energies 98%
Land preservation 95%


Make a donation

If you are committed to the causes that we believe in and you want to go the extra mile to support the current active projects, here’s where you can make a personalized donation. Whether you are an owner or just an external party that wants to get involved, you can proceed here.