Our medicinal garden project

Our medicinal garden project

Dear Members of the LAT Community,

The Medicinal Garden project is moving well along, and we thought we would share an account of our progress. 

After allowing the wood and leaves that were put into the five walled-in planting beds last year to decompose and produce the types of fungi necessary for a healthy soil, we recently added the first layer of local soil which we got from our neighbors across the Coba highway.  The intention is to imitate the natural environment of the jungle as closely as possible.

We got several large bails of torf (peat) which will be mixed, together with additional soil into the existing mix of earth, decomposed wood and leaves.  Planting is planned for the rainy fall season.  The milder climate of the winter months will help the plants to take proper roots.

Fellow LATler, Eva Jean, who is about to receive her PhD in ethno-botany with a specialization in medicinal plants, has researched the local flora and put together a comprehensive list of medicinal plants that grow right in our own jungle.

We are currently narrowing down the list to accommodate the space that we have available at the CC.  We were stunned at the vast number of ‘ordinary’ plants and trees that we see every day here in the jungle with well-known and documented medicinal and health benefits.  It really brought home the realization of the extraordinarily symbiotic world in which we live.  It is truly a Garden of Eden!  Who would have thought that the luscious elephant ear can cure hangovers?  One wonders how some of the effects were found out.

Next month, we hope to be able to share with you some details about these plants that you will find very interesting.  Until then, make sure to eat your daily dose of fresh garlic!

Your LAT Non-profit team,
Aline, April, Laura, Matt & Thomas

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