Summer 2018 at La Escuelita

Summer 2018 at La Escuelita

As part of our mission to promote environmental awareness, the LAT community is sponsoring two special educational workshops from June through August 2018 at La Escuelita in Macario Gomez. The workshops are aimed at primary school children, specifically for students between the ages of 9 and 11 years, and will be conducted by noted art historian and educator, Sonnye Lizzio.  Sonnye has previously worked with various associations in the principal museums in Milan, such as the Brera Pinacoteca, the 900 Museum, the Archeological Museum, and the Castillo Museum and the Museum of the Palacio Real.

The objectives of the workshops are to foster artistic and aesthetic values and to promote the development of individual expressive possibilities among the children. 

In the first workshop, children learn about different geographical areas and historical periods by looking and learning about different works of art and artists as well as through related didactic activities. Children are encouraged to reflect on the themes presented and are invited to create their own art by experimenting with various techniques. Stimulating inherent artistic capabilities in the children and developing their appreciation for beauty will enhance their appreciation for the natural environment in which they live. 

The second workshop, “Hablan las paredes!” (THE WALLS SPEAKS) aims to increase environmental awareness and artistic expression by creating a mosaic to be prominently installed on a wall in the pueblo of Macario Gomez. The large mosaic will display the jungle as a magical place, powerful, full of teaching and vital energy and also as a source of support and nutrition for humans as well as animals. The children will learn about the jungle, its way of expressing itself, the animals that inhabit it and the stories and legends handed down by their ancestors.  These messages will be translated into visual imagery in a large mosaic decoration that will speak through the voice of the children of the love for the jungle and its inhabitants. 

We intend to have an ‘official’ unveiling of the finished mosaic to which LAT residents and owners are invited. 

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