Meet: Aline Libassi

Meet: Aline Libassi

Aline Libassi has served as the chair and president of the LAT charitable committee since it was formally established at the General Assembly in the summer of 2012.  From this time on, she has been the driving force behind our endeavors and the guardian angel of the committee.  Her tireless commitment to worthy causes has made her a highly respected leader among Tulum’s charitable organizations, admired for her know-how and focus on action.  In her role as the chair of the charitable committee, she has become the face of the LAT community’s dedication to social and environmental responsibility, and her networking skills contribute to our community’s growing reputation.

 Aline was born in New York and grew up in Queens and Brooklyn, before both boroughs were chic places to live. 

She studied Romance Languages at Queens College and the University of Bologna and lived in Italy while pursuing a graduate degree in Italian literature.

Aline’s language skills led to a position as assistant to the Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of Italy in the 1970’s.  Subsequently, she returned to New York to study linguistics and bilingual education. Upon completion of her studies, she taught Italian, French and Spanish in grades 2 through high school in Connecticut.  She retired from teaching in in 2014.

Aline also had a catering business while living in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut, and her dinners at their Los Árboles home are a testament to her culinary skills and a favored meeting place for residents and others in Tulum working with the LAT nonprofit.

Aline and her partner, Thomas Morck, discovered Tulum on a winter vacation trip in the 1990’s and bought their first lot in Los Árboles in 2010. They subsequently built their hacienda style home over the course of three years and came to live here in 2014.

In addition to her work for the Los Árboles Non Profit Committee, Aline also served on the Board of Directors of Save the Children, Quintana Roo, and she is a member of the Tulum Rotary Club

She is a passionate cook, loves to work out at the gym and mind her animals, Trevor and Tito. Every morning, she says a silent thank you to whatever gods smiled upon her so that she could live in this jungle paradise

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