Hellos and goodbyes

Hellos and goodbyes

As some of you may have heard the ConMonoMaya monkey team in Los Arboles is going through a time of change. To our great sadness pivotal team member Cecilia Cahum Cahum will be leaving our team and also Los Arboles Tulum. Cecilia has decided to take some time to rest and look for work elsewhere as a result of the physical strain of running through the jungle and following monkeys.

Cecilia has been the heart of the monkey research project in Los Arboles for the past 2 and a half years and we are extremely sad to see her go. Cecilia was able to recognize over 15 individual spider monkeys, took the most incredible fotos of LAT wildlife, accompanied students and volunteers into the forest, and collected invaluable information on the movements and behavior of the LAT monkeys

She taught us all so much about Mayan culture and shared her passion for her ancestry and the forest with everyone. We wish her all the best in her upcoming adventures and consider her a member of the ConMonoMaya team for life!! 

Another new face in Los Arboles has been that of Nicki Guisneuf from the United Kingdom. Nicki came to join the monkey research team in Los Arboles in May and will stay till the end of July. She is a student at Oxford Brookes University and is doing the research for her masters thesis in LAT. Nicki is studying what the monkeys do at night (do they really sleep all night long?) and is comparing the vocalizations that the monkeys make during the day with those emitted at night.

No one has ever studied nocturnal behavior of spider monkeys before so we are all very curious to know what she finds out!

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