What’s blooming this month?

Throughout Tulum, the streets are painted orange with the flowers of Flamboyant trees (Delonix regia). Originally from Madagascar, these beautiful trees are now considered endangered

They blossom from May to September, providing food for monkeys, nectar for bees and birds, and shade from the summer heat.

It’s also rambutan season. These delicious fruits are native to Indonesia, but grow especially well here. It’s said that Mexican rambutans are much sweeter than the Asian ones.  They are similar to lychees, with a reddish shell covered in soft spikes. The translucent fruit inside is sweet and juicy. This time of year you can find them in grocery stores or local fruit stands, but we recommend you buy them from the local vendors. You will see guys with wheel barrels full of the fresh fruit, selling them for about 50-100 mxn per kilo (one bag full).

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