Celebrating Hanal Pixán in Yucatán

Day of the Dead is right around the corner! If you have visited Mexico or lived here long enough, you probably know that the beginning of November sees one of the most magnificent and peculiar traditions in this country: days where people honor, remember and accompany their loved ones who have departed. All over town, you’ll see special events celebrating “Hanal Pixán” which means “food of souls” in Mayan. It is a celebration that takes place in the southeastern region of Mexico, in which people remember their deceased in a party full of color and delicious food.

If you want to enjoy this holiday in a traditional and fun way, you have to visit the Magic Town of Valladolid.

The so-called Great Festival of the Pixanes (or Ánimas), emerged with the purpose of promoting Mexican traditions around the day of the dead.

The festival begins with a walk of ‘anima’, people dressed up as skulls who leave the San Juan parks towards the Cenote Zací, which is adorned with flowers, catrinas and offerings. Here a Mayan ceremony is held, with incense and candles, in addition to dances to the rhythm of the jarana, which is called a dairy.

Subsequently, a fashion show of costumes prepared by Yucatecan designers is held. There is also a tombs contest, bombas (Yucatecan jokes) dance performances, plays in the Cenote and legends are told, as well as tours and contest of altars and catrinas.

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