A day at the museum

A day at the museum

Azulik Uh May is an outstanding and new art school, gallery and cultural space in Tulum that lies hidden in the lush Mayan jungle, where you can find peace, silence and lots of art. Do you already know him?

The new development in Tulum was inaugurated in December 2018, but it has already been placed as a digital visiting space, and what should be a favorite of those looking to marvel at the unique conditions of this space that is far from the typical landscape photos from the beach It is located in the village of Francisco Uh May, 20 minutes from Tulum, on the road that goes to Cobá.

A dome of almost 16 meters crown IK LAB, the central gallery of Azulik Uh May, is one of the most spectacular views when you enter, from where some trees emerge from the polished concrete floor and are shot by tunnels that hang from the ceiling. When it rains, the holes in the roof send water directly to the roots of the trees, creating a magnificent view.

In the end, the architect Eduardo Neira wanted to create a space to combine art and sustainability, and where in addition to the rotating art that is exhibited by different artists, the building is the art itself, creating a more intimate and integrated art experience. Instead, the dome is a labyrinth of shapes and spirals, roads that are paved with pods of vines and hide comfortable corners here and there for visitors to explore barefoot.

Sit, stand, twirl around…. Enjoy this space, that now, you are part of the art too. Go uncover its secrets!

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