5 years collaborating with the community

5 years collaborating with the community

Over the past five years the Los Arboles Non Profit Association has supported  projects and non profit associations in  Tulum and the Mayan Zone.

As Los Arboles continues to grow, we will seek to become more and more integrated in Tulum by partnering with local environmental, civic, health, cultural, educational, and social welfare organizations. In time, we will naturally and strategically develop a local reputation for our work to support and respect our neighbors in Tulum and in the surrounding indigenous communities.

Mission Statement

To promote the empowerment of people through the stewardship of the land and water, respect for and celebration of cultural diversity, educational opportunities for women, girls and boys, animal rescue, and delivery of health services to citizens of QR.

In order to receive funding  from the Association, an organization presents its project in the form of a grant application which is then submitted to the Non Profit Committee who either approve it or deny it and then send it on to the Vigilance Committee for final approval. All projects must fall within the guidelines of our Mission Statement. 

Thus far we have sponsored  the following projects :

  • Primary School Gregorio Cauich, Tulum- Large palapa for the outside recreational and study area
  • Art program at the Gregorio Cauich school for children with special needs
  • Firemen, Tulum – primary firefighting and forest fighting hoses
  • Support for the Save the Children Ludoteca in Tulum– rent to enable the organization to run the program and a volunteer English teacher twice a week (no renumeration)
  • La Escuelita- rent, teacher, and supplies, as well as special programs like visiting speakers, artists and this year’s mosaic project
  • Mosaic Project La Escuelita a mosaic mural of the flora, fauna and Mayan gods which will be placed in the park in Macario Gomez
  • ConMonoMaya-  Spider Monkey research project which has run over the past four years
  • Medicinal Garden at our Community Center to further research and preservation of our jungle flora
  • Special environmental educational project at the primary school in Macario Gomez run by a Mexican biologist 
  • ConMonoMaya program to train high school students in environmental work
  • Creation of a theatrical piece and puppets  based on Mayan Legend by Titeres, Mexican puppeteers and artists who brought the play to the schools in Macario Gomez, Francisco Huy May and Coba as well as one community in the Maya Zone.
  • Contribution to Mexi Paws to help with spay and neuter clinics in Tulum.
  •  Raza Mestiza- Malas that Rescue Dogs– spay and neuter clinic and food
  • Help Tulum Dogs- food and spay and neuter clinic
  • Grant to Toshonos (children and adults with disabilities) to help with renting equipment to dig the foundation for an eventual clinic
  • Further contributions to Toshonos to help with fundraising events
  • Contribution to Flora and Fauna Center, La Ceiba in Tulum of environmental and scientific toys for their 2019 summer program
  • Baaxalha Tulum- sponsored a swimming scholarship for a ten year old boy
  • Grant to help Osa Mayor with creation of a new space for abused pregnant women in Tulum
  • Rotary Club of Tulum
    • Purchased instruments for the children of Yaxche who participate each year in a symphonic orchestra at Xcaret
    • Diabetic test strips for the weekly diabetic clinic in Tulum
    • Incidental contributions to families in need of clothing and food

We take our responsibility very seriously and support organizations that have a non profit status here in Mexico. A lump sum is never handed over directly to grantees, but paid over the course of the project by the administrator from the Non Profit fund.  Reports on the progress of projects are required and site visits are made by members of the Committee. 

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