A local friend

A local friend

This species of shark, known as nurse shark, inhabits the seas of the Riviera Maya does not present any danger to humans. His apathetic personality does not attack unless he feels intimidated. Its natural habitat is the seabed near the reefs, where you can get crustaceans and mollusks to feed.

Although it looks intimidating – and being honest, the simple fact that it is a shark is intimidating – is generally harmless. In case you get to attack, your jaws are tightly closed, they have to be forced to open with titanium or graphite tongs or pliers.

While most fish, including sharks, must continue to move in order to breathe, nurse sharks can remain motionless while resting on the seafloor when facing water flow and pumping water through their mouths and gills. they are independent from a very young age: nurses must move away from their mother in less than a week, if not, they are likely to be food for their own mother!

If you want to see them up close, do not miss a visit to the Sian Ka’an Reserve, where you can see these creatures in their natural habitat, in groups of two or more individuals and if you are very lucky … you could see A mother with her babies!

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