A common friend

A common friend

You’ve probably seen this colorful bird anywhere around Tulum. They are a very common occurrence, but do you really know them? 

The Yucatan jay is a blue feathers bird that you can’t miss. 

These beautiful birds belong to the corvidae family, the same as the crows and the like. They are also known as Yucatecan magpies.  Usually found in groups of 5-25 birds. Black and bright blue plumage is distinctive. The bill is black on adult birds, yellow on juveniles and 1st-year birds. The striking white bodied juvenile plumage is held for only a few weeks in late summer before being replaced by adult-like black feathering.

Their diet consists of fruits, seeds, and insects that they catch in the brush or on the ground. In order to reproduce, they search for quiet, undisturbed areas between April and July, laying 4 to 6 eggs on a fragile platform made of sticks. If they detect an intruder, despite being lovers of tranquility, they can be very scandalous (and we are sure you’ve heard them loud and clear!) 

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