Meet the Coati

Meet the Coati

We’re sure if you have been around this region, you have seen some specimen of this tender species: the coati. You probably saw them in the jungle, in historic sites, jumping between trees, hiding among trash cans or walking in a herd through the jungle, aren’t they cute? Some say that they look like squirrels, others see them more as racoons – and here’s everything you need to know about them. 

The coati is a member of the Nasua Naríca genus, it is an American omnivorous mammal that is unknown to many people, but they are too cute not to notice. It is a very social species, but they are not to be domesticated. It is also known as the ring-tailed coati. Its name, originating from the Guaraní, is Coá-tí which means Long Nose.

Its habitat extends from Northern Mexico and reaches South America. They inhabit humid jungle or semi-jungle environments and rivers. They are usually in herds and have a watchman who protects them if there is danger and causes everyone to be escorted. That’s why the humid jungles of the Mexican Caribbean are paradise to these little fellows! 

They are found in groups mostly females and babies. Males join the groups only during the mating season from January to March. The rest of the year, males stand out for living alone and competing for groups of females. Their sense of smell is amazing too! They are able to detect buried food and look for it with their snouts, and if there is anything new in their environment they will tend to smell it. 

When you come and visit, remember that this is their home – and that they pose no danger. Although there is no harm in taking pictures, avoid getting too close to them and especially touching them since they instinctively could defend themselves.

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