Slimy smilers

Toads and frogs are amphibians that are often looked down upon for their physical appearance. However, they are key to the functioning of different ecosystems. This is because it acts as both a predator and a prey. It should be noted that in Mexico there are about 195 species.

The Mahogany Treefrog (TIalocohyla loquax) is a species of amphibian that is also known as the tree frog, tree frog or Sonoran frog. Its name in Mayan is -x-túuts—.

This frog is distributed in Belize. Costa Rica. Guatemala. Honduras. Nicaragua and Mexico, in our country it is located in the south of Campeche, east of Yucatan and in Quintana Roo. It is one of the 230 species of toads in the country.

Their habitats are tropical, dry subtropical and low-altitude forests. in addition to pastures. rural gardens and areas with fresh water.

Its activity is completely nocturnal, it moves in the trees and its food is mainly insects.

Their breeding season begins in July and August, just in the rainy seasons. Each contains 250 eggs, which cling to vegetation found around the surface water.

Due to the degradation of its habitat, this frog is endangered.

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