King of the Mexican Jungle

King of the Mexican Jungle

If you have lived in Quintana Roo long enough, you know that the jungle has a feline that is undoubtedly the king.

While it would certainly be rare to meet him, it’s no surprise that he inspires respect and a bit of fear. But did you know that it is one of the most endangered species in the world? We invite you to know it!

The jaguar is classified as an endangered species and its hunting is prohibited. The high protection criteria are due to the fact that its population has decreased so much that it now occupies less than a third of its original territory in Mexico.

The jaguar is the largest feline in America and the third in the world In Mexico this species is distributed from the tropical jungles of southeastern Mexico

  • The weight of an adult jaguar ranges from 45 to 300kg.
  • The length from the nose to the tip of the tail is 1.70 to 2.30 m
  • They live approximately 20 years

Although important reserves such as Calakmul and Sian Ka’an have been established, the future of the jaguar depends on conservation. The challenge for conservation is to search for alternatives, development models and productive activities for the inhabitants of the region. that do not impact the habitat of the jaguar and its prey.

The State has the largest number of jaguars nationwide with 800 specimens; in the country there are four thousand of which 1,800 were located in the Yucatan Peninsula.

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