Predial Taxes

Annual property taxes are due. You can make payments directly at City Hall with your property tax number (clave catastral) or hire Greenwood to pay them for you.

Here are the instructions for self pay:

Visit the website

  2. Complete the CLAVE CATASTRAL (902014002002006-XX) 
  3. Click on OBTENER DATOS
  4. Click on CALCULAR
  5. Click on GENERAR (activate pop-ups so document can be displayed).
  6. Print this form and take to one of the city offices with your payment. 

If you would like to have Greenwood pay them for you, simply send an email to  The cost is $40 USD.  

There are discounts available for early payments. The sooner you pay, the more you save.  Payments received now through Nov 30th include a 25% discount.

Discounts of 50% are also available for seniors who meet the following criteria:

1. Property must include construction, not just land

2. Value no more than 1.7 million pesos

3. Registered senior citizen card in the title holders name

These taxes are due annually around this time of year.  If you have recently purchased or closed on your property, you will also need to update your name and pay the prorated tax adjustment.  In case you need assistance, Greenwood can also complete this for you. 

Thanks and we hope to see you in Tulum soon!