Maní, the newest Yucatecan jewel

Maní, the newest Yucatecan jewel

Yucatán is a region of the country that protects great natural and cultural treasures that are very important to the country. One of the places that perfectly exemplifies the importance of the Yucatán in the history of Mexico is the magical town of Maní.

Maní is a wonderful gem that is part of the Puuc Route.  These Mayan villages have been trained not only to preserve their traditions, but to provide services to visitors.

In the tiny Maní pueblo, colonial architecture is combined with the typical houses of the Mayans.

Quite impressively, there is a cenote right in the center of town. Although swimming there is not allowed, there is a great variety of other cenotes on the outskirts of town where you can immerse yourself.

There’s even a camp with Mayan houses offered by a priest of the church where travelers can spend the night.

You can also visit the meliponario. There the melipona bee is preserved, endemic to the region, which produces a honey with more beneficial properties than the one that we all know. Or you can request a visit to the house of a traditional cook. In addition to telling you stories, he will prepare a delicious menu for you.

In Maní, unique embroidery is made, as well as one of the best poc chuc you’ll ever eat (a delicious typical dish made with pork).

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