Cenote Caracol

Cenote Caracol

One of the most exciting experiences of traveling to the Yucatan Peninsula is visiting the famous cenotes, and Tulum is the host of plenty!  Some researchers agree that the cenotes were used as cult tombs and sometimes for human sacrifice since human bones and belongings have been found inside.

This cenote is a dark, underground, mysterious hidden gem. It is so worth the trek to get here. Stalactites hang in infinite numbers from the cave ceiling above, and blue and yellow lights illuminate an otherwise pitch-black cavern.

There are two distinct areas at Cenote Caracol; the completely underground swimming hole as well as a partly underground / partly open-air walkable area. This is where you will see tropical plants surrounding the cool waters as well as get an up-close-and-personal introduction to the cave system. 

Price: Around $250 MXN (15 USD) 
How to get there: You will be turning from Highway 307 onto a small dirt road.
The turnoff to the dirt road can be easily missed, so keep your eyes out!

Or better yet – Here’s a map.