Tacos at Viva México

Tacos at Viva México

Viva Mexico in Tulum is the perfect spot for a delicious weekend breakfast with family or friends.

To talk about Viva Mexico Cabrones is to talk about an authority on pork carnitas and lamb barbacoa from Tulum. Despite the fact that Quintana Roo is a state without a culinary tradition for lamb, this flavor has taken root among local residents, foreigners and the most adventurous foodie tourists.

The secret of the two recipes is their cooking over low heat, thus obtaining a tender and juicy meat, cooked in large pieces that are crumbled at the moment with the combination of fat and meat that the diner indicates to the order of Surtida or Maciza?

The lamb barbacoa, a recipe originating in the state of Hidalgo, is prepared in the Viva Mexico taqueria in a steel drum, with maguey stalks that collect the cooking broth in a container at the bottom, while the meat is steamed in the top for several hours. This cooking cycle results in tender meat with a mild flavor and a consommé with the concentrated flavor of lamb.

Pork carnitas, or simply carnitas, is the result of cooking pork in its own fat at a low temperature in the oven for several hours. The result is barbecue-like meat that tastes buttery but doesn’t feel heavy in the mouth. Ideal to add your vegetables, a touch of lemon and washed down with your preferred sauce.

Without a doubt, Viva Mexico Cabrones is one of the most popular taquerias in Tulum among locals, on weekends you can see long lines of people waiting for the service to bring breakfast to their homes. This is why, if you have an interest in traditional Mexican cuisine and you come to Tulum you cannot miss these tasty tacos.