Jaguar Park: New Natural Protected Area in Tulum

Jaguar Park: New Natural Protected Area in Tulum

A new Natural Protected Area is being set in Tulum, know how it is going!

Early this year, the federal government registered the creation of a 2,258-hectare nature reserve in northeastern Tulum in Quintana Roo.

The Park of the Jaguar, announced last December, is a project by the national government to prevent further urbanization near Tulum. No new development or population centers will be allowed inside the park’s boundaries, and any activities that might pollute or damage the area are also banned.

The new NPA is divided in two main areas. Click to enlarge.

Mexico’s most recent natural protected area is home to 928 species, the majority of which are endemic and some on the brink of extinction. The jaguar, an animal that this park was named after, is one of those in danger. Although the states that make up the Yucatán peninsula have high concentrations of jaguar populations compared to other areas in Mexico, they too are diminishing rapidly due to loss of habitat.

The new regulation makes it a criminal offense to introduce genetically modified organisms or invasive species in an effort to preserve the area’s plant and animal life. Furthermore, anyone caught extracting plants, animals, soil, or ground cover will be met with harsh penalties. Finally, any future destruction of habitats within the protected area is strictly prohibited.

Please check this video for a recent update on how the work is going.

In recent years, Tulum has seen an influx of predatory real estate investors who have been buying up land in the area for quick profits. This has led to rapid development and a corresponding increase in prices, making it difficult for locals to afford to live here. The park is a much-needed respite from this development, and it is important that it is protected so that the jaguar and other animals can continue to live there.

The park will offer the government many possibilities for eco-friendly tourism in hopes that this is an important milestone for Tulum’s preservation of its natural ecosystem.

Check this video for a more in depth description of the project. [Activate your subtitles in English]