Punta Allen: a fisher’s paradise

Punta Allen: a fisher’s paradise

Punta Allen, a beautiful and secluded destination located within the Special Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka’an is located about 50 kilometers south of the city of Tulum, at the end of a thin tongue of land surrounded by sea on both sides and marks the northern end of one of the two shallow bays that are in the center of the coasts of Quintana Roo (the other bay is the Bay of Espiritu Santo).

One of the main characteristics of Punta Allen is that electricity is limited, the town has light during the morning and night. Only restaurants and hotels have their own light plant, hot water and even internet. So if you’re looking for the ultimate getaway, Punta Allen may just be right. 

How to get to Punta Allen on your own

If you travel in your own vehicle, you can easily follow the navigation feature on your phone,  it takes about 3 hours to get there. The “road” is very bumpy and you will have to go slow (20-30 km/h) to avoid damaging your vehicle. Upon reaching the Sian Ka’an arch you must pay $100 pesos (for QROO residents) to continue the trip. 

How to get to Punta Allen on a bus

If you don’t have a vehicle of your own,  take the bus to Punta Allen that parts daily. In Tulum, there is a tourist company that offers roundtrip transportation from Tulum to Punta Allen. The departure time from Tulum to Punta Allen is every day at 3 in the afternoon, and its return is from Punta Allen to Tulum every day at 7 in the morning. 

It includes an hour-long van ride to the Sian Ka’an reserve, then a boat that takes an hour and a half to reach Punta Allen. It is recommended to arrive 15 minutes before to leave on time, you must also confirm your place in advance by WhatsApp and pay in cash upon arrival (cards are not accepted). 

The cost is as follows: 

$650 for foreign tourists

$450 for Mexicans 

$350 for Quintana Roo 

$100 pesos per large piece of luggage.


Camping in Punta Allen 

Camping in Punta Allen is one of the activities that most people do who come to this hidden paradise. The place has perfect cabins for it, although you can also do it in your own tents. In addition, you will find at least 12 lodging options.

Spending a night under the stars enjoying the sound of the sea is a great idea if you go to Punta Allen.

Hire a tour to go sport fishing 

Fishing is a very typical tradition of this town. Therefore, when you arrive it is a good idea to hire a fishing tour and be part of the adventure. Browse the beaches and catch yourself the catch of the day. In case you’ve been lucky, you can pay a local restaurant to cook your catch. 

Mangrove and frigatebirds in the Caribbean Sea in the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve near Punta Allen, Mexico


The Sian Ka’an reserve hides the beautiful Blanquizal, also called “The Sian Ka’an Pool”. It is nothing more and nothing less than a pool near the shore that was formed naturally and is right in the middle of the sea, surrounded by reefs and fine sand. It is shallow, which makes it perfect for taking pictures and appreciating the beautiful Caribbean Sea. 

Go swimming 

Obviously, your visit cannot be complete if you do not go swimming at Punta Allen beach. It is a perfect space to enjoy the sun and the sea breeze. Just bring a towel, relax on the sand and enjoy the view of these beautiful beaches right in the corner of the Riviera Maya. 

Town walk 

When night falls, walking through Punta Allen is an authentic, almost magical experience. Appreciating the pier, the starry sky and the sound of the sea is only possible without the annoying light that we always find in big cities. 

Food & drinks

Punta Allen has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from and where you can eat, especially Mexican breakfasts and delicious fresh seafood. You certainly won’t find fresher seafood anywhere else.

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