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Hello Neighbors!

Reporting from the Escuelita in Macario Gomez, our program is flourishing with classes four days a week.
Monday: beginning and advanced English with Erika, Aline, Cata, and Trish
Tuesday: science club with Cata
Thursday: art with Sonnye and Trish and student assistant Theresa
Friday: special project : film with Sonnye

Three students from our Escuelita in Macario Gomez visited our community at the February 10th HOA meeting to share their experiences at the school. Jose spoke about his interest in the environment and how much he enjoys Cata’s Tuesday environmental club class. He is an avid nature lover and has done extremely well in science at his public school due in great part to all that he is learning and experiencing in Cata’s class. Teresa, who has been a student at Escuelita for the past five years, spoke about how much she has learned in the English classes over the years and how that has helped her with her English course in Middle School. She showed us a book that she made celebrating her grandfather, who is a Mayan healer showing samples of the herbs and flowers that he uses in his practice. Finally, Guadalupe, an aspiring actress, told us about her role in an upcoming film project in the Friday cinema class with Sonnye.

Here is what we are doing in our classes:

English: On Monday we teach two groups – beginners from 4-6 pm and advanced from 5-6 pm.. We concentrate on vocabulary acquisition grammar, speaking, reading and writing, using movement, songs and games as teaching tools.

Naturalists Club On Tuesdays with Cata from 4-6 p.m.

At the Escuelita de Macario Naturalists Club we create a space for children who are interested in nature. The objective of the workshop is to stimulate learning through the development of recreational activities such as videos and books for children that are related to the conservation of species found in the Yucatan Peninsula and around the world. Among other activities, it is to stimulate their interest in vocabulary through word searches and identifying animal tracks through sewing or embroidery, and drawing activities. In the end, each of the species we study is linked to some ethnohistorical narrative associated with the world of indigenous peoples.

In this way our Naturalists Club seeks to stimulate passion, working with values, guiding the skills of observation, research and imagination in each of our topics to be discussed. In each session the children are introduced to some species of flora or fauna, focusing on our diversity and its challenges. The meeting is usually in the classroom, but we have also had the pleasure of having special guests and specialists, who come to talk to us about certain species or we go to the park to carry out practical activities with binoculars, for bird watching and identification of plants found in the area.

Overall, the Naturalists Club is an open and participatory proposal, which supports solidarity , to promote knowledge and understanding of the environment in a recreational and educational way.

Art with Sonnye on Thursday from 4-6 p.m.
Visual Poetry using contemporary techniques to create a personal history.
see examples below

Film with Sonnye on Friday from 4-6 p.m.
Students have been working on the following project for the past six months.
In the first part of the project we studied the history of film. I explained to the students how cinema began as a passage from photography to photography in motion, and finally into film. I explained that films were something physical because today they are accustomed to seeing films on their phone or computers.
I showed them early silent films made by the Lumiere brothers, black and white silent films with speech cards and piano music played in the movie theatres; films by Laurel and Hardy, Chaplin, and Nosferatu.
Then each week we learned about a separate part of the film crew: director, actors, screenwriter, producers, art directors, costume and make-up, camera and sound, etc., they understood how many skills it takes to make a film. And so we began to create our own film. The students wrote the screenplay, acted in the film,made the scenery , props and costumes and helped Sonnye with the editing.

Here is a photo of one of the actors: