Gregory W. Schnurr endeavored a dream home site for the eco-conscious.

Greg became involved in Mexican real estate development in 2001 after he and a close associate launched a fifty-four lot beachfront residential development near Tulum. In 2003, Greg and his sons began their next project, Los Árboles Tulum. Greg has been involved in every aspect of the legal, administrative, marketing and construction of the projects, working closely with each member of his carefully selected team. Through ten years of involvement in Mexico, Greg has touched many different investment ventures, either directly or in an advisory capacity, drawing on his invaluable firsthand knowledge of the realities of investing in Mexico.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting at the University of Texas at Austin in 1974 and lives in both Tulum and Austin. Greg is a loving father and grandfather, always enjoying time-off with the grandkids.

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