Spider monkeys define the Mexican jungle, moving swiftly, weightlessly and with extraordinary grace and skill through the lush treetops; they are the acrobats of the forest’s canopy. 


ConMonoMaya, founded in 2014, is a well-established NGO, renowned for its conservation work of monkeys and their habitats throughout the Yucatán Peninsula. The organization provides students and researchers from different universities in the Americas as well as Europe with opportunities to study and analyze local primates in their natural environments and learn firsthand about the preservation of both. For more information on ConMonoMaya please go to the Facebook Page.

Adopt a Monkey 

Your donation for adopting a monkey directly supports ongoing monkey research at LAT.  It also contributes to the preservation and protection of their habitat as well as other species that share their space. In addition, it helps to support research work conducted by young biologists as well as noted experts from different parts of the world who visit LAT and use it as a base for various investigations into this fascinating, highly intelligent species.

With just $250, you can make a big difference. 

Your adoption pack includes:

  • Naming rights: each monkey who is part of one of the groups that is being studied has a name. You get to choose the name of the one you adopt.  Be creative and have fun!
  • A digital Glamor photo of your adopted monkey with the name prominently displayed.
  • An official document issued by ConMonoMaya identifying you as the patron of your monkey and supporter of preservation research and activity.
  • Your monkey’s name will appear in studies and research documents.
  • A report on your monkey’s family and habits with photos.
  • Report on important events in your monkey’s life such as motherhood or fatherhood.
  • Links to research papers, academic conferences and other events in which your monkey plays a part.
  • A copy of the beautiful 2021 LAT Monkey Calendar full of beautiful photos of the LAT jungle as well informative and humorous drawings.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity of making history and doing your part for the preservation of the amazing spider monkeys of the Yucatán.