Mission statement

In February. 2012 the Los Arboles Homeowners Association voted to establish the Los Arboles Non Profit Committee to create short term and ongoing projects in the community supported by a charitable giving account. Our mandate is to promote and financially support conservation, ecological and environmental protection, indigenous educational opportunties, health care, and cultural opportunities through theatre and art. In addition we support local animal rescue and rehabilitation organizations.

Organizational structure

Members network in the community to find worthy projects that require a written grant application. Once the project is approved by the Non Profit Committee and the Vigilance Committee, we monitor project compliance and expenditures. Any owner at LAT can suggest ideas for grant projects. We welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Please contact us using the form below.

Past projects

Since its founding, on behalf of the community, the Los Árboles Non Profit Committee has:

  • Purchased and donated medical equipment to the local CRIM (Municipal Integral Rehabilitation Center).
  • Purchased and donated fire hoses for the Tulum Fire Company.
  • Financed the construction of a large palapa-roofed structure at a primary school in Tulum.
  • Co-sponsored a spay and neuter clinic run by the animal rescue organization, MexiPaws.
  • Organized and funded a summer theatre workshop in Macario Gomez.
  • Organized and funded an environmental awareness program at the primary school in Macario Gomez.
  • Established and continues to maintain La Escuelita, an afterschool program in Macario Gomez.
  • Funded arts workshops for special needs children

Open Projects

For the year 2019, The Los Árboles community, through its non Profit currently:

Continues with its support of the La Escuelita, after school, in Macario Gomez. This very successful program has become well-known and serves now over 50 children from several neighboring villages.

Co-sponsors the Rotary Club’s weekly glucose testing clinic. LAT has been an institutional member of the local chapter of the International Rotary Club and a participant in a variety of projects initiated by this organization.

Co-sponsors ConMonoMaya’s project of tracking and studying spider monkeys within Los Árboles. This important undertaking, now in its 3rd year, has gained international recognition and attracted the attention of National Geographic grant-supported scientists.

Co-sponsors a theatre and arts workshop on Mayan culture in three Mayan communities. With our support, a professional group of teachers/actors stage performances and conduct hands-on workshops to bring to life the ancient stories and myths of the Mayan culture by involving the whole community in them.

Purchased instruments for children in the Mayan village, Xache. LAT is collaborating with other sponsors, including Xcaret, to make it possible for a group of talented children from this village to be part of a symphony orchestra and perform at Xcaret in May 2018.

Funds the construction of a medicinal garden at the LAT Community Center. This permanent installation aims to promote within the community knowledge of medicinal properties of local plants with the help of guest speakers and herbalists from neighboring pueblos.

Contact the Non-profit Committee

Please let us know if you are interested in joining our team and/or help us with on-going projects. If you have a project you want to propose for funding by the LAT Non Profit, please, fill in this grant application. We will be happy to assist you in the process.